If the Millennials Won't Come to the Mountain...

New  Edge  As recently noted here in The Exchange, as many as 25% of U.S. households have cut the video cord, going without pay TV service altogether. Many of these households tend to skew toward the younger side of the demographic scale.

In a novel attempt to attract these cord cutters, NBC News is courting them where they live: Snapchat. Last week, the network debuted a twice-daily news show entitled “Stay Tuned,” which will appear on Snapchat’s Discover platform.

The program will cover national and international news, politics, sports and pop culture. It will be hosted by NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz, and Savannah Sellers of MSNBC.

“It’s fitting that NBC News is pioneering this new format for a new platform,” said NBC News senior vice president for digital Nick Ascheim. “It’s a continuation of NBC News’ tradition of innovation, first in radio, then in inventing color TV and the morning news program, and now with an entirely new type of news show for Snapchat.”

“Stay Tuned” will be live on Snapchat at 7 AM and 4 PM ET daily during the week, and at 1 PM on weekends.

More than 166 million people use Snapchat on a daily basis, most of whom are millennials. In addition to hosting videos, the service is also used by leading publishers that create content within the app.

NBCUniversal was the first major media partner to develop and produce shows for Snapchat: in August, NBC launched “The Voice” on the service, followed by E!’s “The Rundown,” “World of Dance,” and “Saturday Night Live.”

If “Stay Tuned” proves successful in reaching the previously hard-to-reach millennial viewer, we can expect more original made-for-Snapchat programming.

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