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RTIME 2017 Daily Recap - Day 4

RTIME 2017 has come to a close. These last 4 days has brought together an industry of innovation, synergy and passion for the rural broadband services.  We’ve learned and collaborated on topics such as telemedicine, growth and cultural change—and let’s not forget to mention the solid Expo. Today, we closed the conference with:

  • Updates on the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS).
  • Panel discussions on how to use analytics to drive revenue.
  • An economic forecast.
  • A humorous political outlook with the keynote speaker.
  • And honored those committed to the rural communities within our industry.

FRS Update

FRS Board President, Stephen Milner and FRS Executive Director, Jessica Golden shared heart felt stories of how FRS grants assists rural communities and FRS scholarships promote education within the communities.  Missed the update?  You can view the live recording on the FRS Facebook page. 

Panel Discussion: “Making Money with Telco Analytics.”

NTCA CEO Shirley Bloomfield was joined with Brock Johansen, CEO of Emery Telcom, Carl Russo CEO of Calix and Nancy White CEO/GM of NCTC for a powerhouse panel discussion on how to use analytics to drive revenue for your telco. Read more about the discussion on Shirley's blog post, "Data Analytics Matter."

RTIME 2017 Daily Recap - Day 3

Day 3 was filled with energy and the buzz of thoughtful discussion and exchanging of ideas through a number of roundtable discussions after absorbing two and half days of complelling programming. Today, we:

  • Discovered how Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG 9-1-1) plays a critical role in public safety communications.
  • Heard from a panel of experts and their policy viewpoints for 2017.
  • Learned how telemedicine can change the way medical care reaches rural communities.
  • Received tips on how leadership can help foster innovation in your community and attract more investment.
  • Engaged in ideas on how to seize the opportunity to grow telco services with the quick market adoption of smart homes.
  • Closed out another successful expo at RTIME.

Broadband and NG 9-1-1: A Lifesaving Public Safety Partnership

Dorothy Spears-Dean, Ph.D., Virginia Information Technologies Agency, presented the new initiatives NG 9-1-1 is pushing out and how broadband service providers can play a critical role in helping with build and maintain an infrastructure that can help save lives. The program is working toward a plan of moving from analog to an IP network. To provide the same level of access and services for 9-1-1 would require a strong broadband partnership.

RTIME 2017 Daily Recap - Day 2

Day 2 was jampacked with incredible energy and riveting information. Today, we:

  • Recognized Doug Boone's term as NTCA Board president.
  • Heard the latest business developments from Shirley Bloomfield, NTCA CEO.
  • Learned how to build bonding relationship with telco customers.
  • Tapped into how rural broadband providers can strengthen and change the perception of rural America.
  • Gained an understanding as to why it's important to induce a good company culture.
  • Brought thousands of customers to supplies to drive major business relationships.

NTCA Board President

We would like to thank Doug Boone, chief executive officer (CEO) of Premier Communications (Sioux Center, Iowa), for his incredible service to the rural broadband industry and the association as the NTCA Board president, and we welcome Bill Hegmann, of Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (Texarkana, Ark.), as the new Board president.

RTIME 2017 Daily Recap - Day 1

Welcome to the first RTIME 2017 Daily Recap

Building your brand's reputation.
Learning how the evolution of precision agriculture is changing the way we feed the world.
Engineering a strategy to monetize Wi-Fi management in homes and businesses. 
Witnessing a historic moment in Super Bowl history. 

These are only a few discussions and moments shared among the RTIME 2017 conference attendees. 

NTCA to Host Rural Telehealth Seminar (and, Today is National Rural Health Day)

  Today is National Rural Health Day. And, in fewer than 30 days (December 15), NTCA’s Foundation for Rural Service and Smart Rural Community will host a rural telehealth seminar that will feature a deep dive into rural health issues as well as an opportunity for participants to test-drive telehealth devices. “Rural Health at a Digital Crossroads: Improving Care with Telehealth” will feature academics from the University of Virginia and the University of Southern Maine who will address public health issues and the role of broadband; tech developers who will demonstrate technical solutions; and NTCA’s own IT experts who will discuss network security issues implicated by telehealth.

The conversation could not be more timely or necessary. Telehealth promises beneficial results for rural America. Residents of rural areas experience greater incidences of chronic and other conditions as compared to their urban counterparts. When combined with distance from or lack of access to physicians and health care facilities and prevailing socioeconomic challenges, obstacles to the acquisition of affordable health care arise. Broadband-enabled applications can shatter these barriers and result in improved healthcare at lower costs, benefiting rural users while lowering national healthcare costs.

Rural Broadband Providers Discuss Cybersecurity Issues

Ransomware, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, phishing campaigns – is your company prepared to address and mitigate current cyber threats? Within the last few years, cyberattacks have intensified in frequency, sophistication and severity. Corporations, networks and individuals are under constant attack from cyberthreats originating within the United States and abroad. Bad actors are targeting all organizations, regardless of their size or business mission. A cyberattack could adversely affect the continued viability of your company. 

Bad actors typically target credit card information, employee data, customer data, intellectual property—often information that is found on your “enterprise” or company network(s). Additionally, those that operate a telecom network may face broader exposure. A bad actor may desire to infiltrate a telecom voice and/or data network(s) to access and exploit networking gear, disrupt communications or reach the networks of your business customers. 

Want to Make Your Summer Sizzle?

Peer engagement. Expert learning. Small-group discussions. Make your summer sizzle by attending the NTCA 2016 Regional Conferences. These one-and-half day educational events allow you to exchange ideas and best practices with your peers, while discussing current challenges, the latest broadband-enabled technologies, and regulatory and legislative developments. Sound too good to be true?

Hear what Doug Boone, NTCA board president and chief executive officer of Premier Communications (Sioux Center, Iowa), has to say about the Regional Conferences.

Make plans today to join your peers at the Regional Conference that fits your schedule. 


My Father's Eyes

Editor's Note: I struggled with writing this post; I am usually loathe to rely on personal connections to amplify unrelated points. So, the notes below are offered in the spirit of “something that reminded me of something else,” rather than any attempt to claim any form of analogy between the two sets of thoughts.

Last week, I visited Seattle, Wash., the city that welcomed my Dad’s family when he arrived in the United States at the age of 12 as a wartime refugee. The city is bigger now than it was then, by roughly 150,000 people. What was my Dad’s childhood neighborhood is actually pretty close to downtown, while the new suburbs reach farther outward from the city core.