Video Rears Its Head in Disney Decline, But Might a Solution be in the Wings?

Disney stock values fell recently in response to declines in the entertainment giant’s video business. Analysts attributed the decline to turbulence in traditional video models that bundle hundreds of channels for premium prices, and online competition for eyeballs. Disney owns ESPN, which continues to be major draw for its sports content. But, the emergence of so-called “skinny packages,” which offer fewer channels in exchange for a lower price, may indicate consumer frustration with expensive packages of channels that go mostly unviewed.

ePaper: RLECs and Muni Broadband (Part 2 of 2)

The first installment of this e-paper proposed that opportunities for rural service providers can exist in areas where municipal leaders desire cutting-edge broadband services and provided a template for opening discussions with municipal officials, including an overview of projected broadband usage practices and an overview of fiber vs. wireless capacities. This week’s installment will outline questions the municipality, along with the rural service provider, might consider when contemplating a joint participation effort. A selected bibliography of materials used in preparation of this e-paper is provided below.

ePaper: RLECs and Muni Broadband


  This New Edge “E-Paper” explores opportunities for rural communications providers in municipal broadband network initiatives. This two-part article is intended to be an open source document to which readers are encouraged to comment and contribute. The author thanks Dave Brodin of Smithville Fiber for his contributions. A list of selected bibliographic references and source materials can be found at the bottom of this page.